Alhaj Syed Ali Hussain Shah Bukhari



What is Taweezat.

You must have heard the term  taweezat but do you really know what are they? Taweezat means charm and there are different types of Online  taweezatwhich are weared or kept for different purposes. Different kind of taweezat are used for different sort of problems, conerns or issues one may have. Muslims use taweezat which are Quran verses written on papers or any other material, normally ink or Zahfran is used for writiing taweez.

Types of  Online Taweezat

Following are the different types Onlien taweezat, these taweezat are categorized on the basis of problems and the technique of writing taweez.

“Taweez for love, Taweez for marriage, Taweez for husband & wife, Taweez for wealth, Taweez for success in life, Taweez for good luck etc.”

Basic taweez are based on four elements such as Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Earth Taweez:- These taweezat are carved on metal or written in ink or zahfran on paper. The proper way of using such taweez is to burry it in soil.

Fire Taweez:- These taweezat are also carved on mental or written in ink or zahfran on paper. The proper way of using these taweezat is to put them in fire or near extreeme heat.

Water Taweez:- These are taweezat that needs to be thrown in water for example river, lake, water stream etc.

Air Taweez:- These taweezat are hanged in air for example on roof or on tree with some thread.

How can Onlien taweezat help our future?

Taweezat or wazaif are spiritual ways of solving common life problems as well as rare problems. They also help in acheiving some goals in life. There is always a solution in Quraan for problems we face very day and taweezat or wazaif based on powerfull verses of Quraan can solve these problems and also help us acheiving our goals in future like, career, wealth, amrriage, love, safety & protection etc.

Taweez for Love and Success

This is a taweez for success in true love. Please note that you should use any Taweez with proper instructions from Aalim or qualified person. And only use them for halal and legal purpose to get success.

Keep this taweez given below with you for 7 days and read it everyday after Fajar prayer for seven times. Keep praying to Allah during this process. After reading the Taweez on day 7 mix or dilute it in water and the person with whom you are in love make him or her drink this water. Keep good faith in Allah for success.

Online Taweez for Enemy

A very useful taweez for overcoming your enemy

Every person has a wish to have a vast & profit his business and for this a person has to path shown by Allah and not go against it and pray. Keep this Taweez in your Business


Increase in Food

Keep this tawees in your pocket/purse for 41 days. Read this tavees everyday for 41 times after Namaz – e – Fazr (morning) for 41 days. On the 41st day deep the taves in balll of flour (Afta) and put in sea or well. Inshallah soon you with see the benefit.

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